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Lucy West Art

The "Idaho Collection" Gallery The "Idaho Collection" Gallery The Crimson Forest / 2021 SOLD - Original $1,500 / 24" x36" acrylic on canvas Prints available. Copyright Lucy West 206387254 Night Owl / 2020 Original $900 / 20" x 16" acrylic on canvas. 206318393 Beautiful Feathers / 2020 SOLD: Original $1800 / 20" x 24" acrylic on canvas 206259774 Messengers of Change / 2020 Original $1,200.00 / 30" x 24" acrylic on canvas. Description: Ravens. These intelligent, intuitive birds have conjured an array of symbolisms and lore throughput the world for centuries. Across the different cultures ravens are considered a powerful magical presence, messengers between earth and the heavens, keepers of secrets, tricksters, harbingers of change, messengers of death, overseers of spiritual death and rebirth, healers of pain and brokenness, helpers in transition and transformation, and much more. In this painting I see something similar to the way the solstices come in and change the length of day and natural rhythms of life. I see the process of change happening in the colorful layers of paint as meanings and metaphors - from seasonal changes ascending from a misty late-summer morning upward into the winds of autumn that carry our flying friends toward winter and upward still into the celestial heavenly realms of the sun and moon, to metaphoric change of 'what was' into 'what is now' and towards 'what will be' and I also see the effect of the difficult change that the year 2020 has forced into all our lives. We all feel it, change, anxiousness and conflict that's happening all around us, in our day to day lives, in our local settings, our national situations, and in global dynamics and communities. I'm not surprised at all to find myself articulating 'change' on canvas right's the year 2020. 206347842 The Jewels of Autumn SOLD / $1000 18" x 24" Acrylic on canvas. This painting was my first plein air painting experience, though I wasn't outdoors when I painted it. I was standing at my easel in my studio looking out my window at the beautiful autumn leaves sparkling in the sunlight. The air changed and a soft overcast mist rolled in which turned my first plein air into a very special experience and allowed me a moment of deeper appreciation my view and environs. Blessed. 205394419 Sprites: The Storm Above the Storm / 2020 Original $1000 / 12" x 24" acrylic on canvas 206162554 Purple Haze / 2020 SOLD: Original 24" x 12" acrylic on canvas 206165512 Sublime Skies / 2020 SOLD: Orignal $1200 / 24" x 18" acrylic on canvas 206167307 Celestial Northwest / 2010 Prints available / Acrylic painting and digital composite. Description: The northern sky blooms with celestial light - (view looking toward the islands of Hope on Lake Pend Orielle.) �?�??�?© Copyright 2010 Lucy West / All Rights Reserved. Contact Lucy West for information on image use. 196797298 Aurora Over Lake Pend Oreille / 2017 SOLD - Original / Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18": 2017 brought about many aurora sightings form our perch over looking Lake Pend Orielle. One in particular on a gorgeous autumn night sticks out as the best of the year. It literally glowed, pulsed and electrified the sky until the sun rose. It was hard to stay asleep as I wanted not to miss a minute of the event. And so to never forget the experience, I painted what I saw. 204994662 Star Path SOLD 201395904 Tosca's Trail / 2009 / Gamlin Lake trails, Idaho SOLD / Original / 22" x 28" Acrylic on canvas / Prints available. �?�??�?© Copyright 2009 Lucy West / All Rights Reserved. Contact Lucy West for information regarding image use. 73711127 Silent Treasures / 2009 SOLD - Original $850 / 20" x 16" Acrylic on canvas / Prints available. Description: Scene painted from photo references taken during a canoe trip along Priest River in north Idaho. �?�??�?© Copyright 2009 Lucy West / All Rights Reserved. Contact Lucy West for permission of image use. 196797141 "Dogwood, Teal & Gold" / 2008 Original $3500 / 30" x 40" Acrylic on canvas / Prints available. �?�??�?© Copyright 2008 Lucy West / All Rights Reserved. Contact Lucy West for information regarding image use. 94157733 Summer's Night Dream / 2009 Original / 36" x 24" Acrylic on panel. �?�??�?© Copyright 2009 Lucy West / All Rights Reserved. Contact Lucy West for information regarding image use. 80960517