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Lucy West Art

Water Themes Water Themes The Longest Night / 2015 Original / 30" x 36" acrylic on canvas. The longest night of the year is winter solstice. The next time a full moon will occur during the winter solstice is the year 2094. The moonlight illuminates the night for the lonely swimming bear. Is this the longest night for him because it is the solstice, or is it because in the year 2094 he has lost his home to a warming earth? 199206759 Racing Twilight Mural installation in New Smyrna Beach, Florida 72776948 Freedom Endures / 2001 Acrylic airbrush on illustration board. In honor of the victims of the 9/11 tragedy. Holding steadfast and shining brilliant, Lady Liberty stands against the brutality of the storm - nothing will weaken her resolve. �?© Copyright 2001 Lucy West / All Rights Reserved. Contact Lucy West for information regarding image use. 74108296 15" x 24" Acrylic airbrush on illustration board. 72784997 Racing Twilight-1 / 1998 SOLD / Mixed medium on paper / 18" x 24" 197201357 The Aegean Shield - Soul of the Seven Seas / 2010 Acrylic airbrush / computer generation composite. To view an in-depth description about this piece go to 'About the Work'. 74242965 New Dawn / 2010 20" x 15" Acrylic Airbrush / computer generation combination. 74104472